Transforming Light

Light Control Metasurface™
Optical Beamforming Technology

The Era of Programmable Optics Has Begun

Light Will Never Be the Same Again

No mirrors, no lenses?
No problem.

Light Control Metasurface (LCM™) technology defies the laws of physics by dynamically shaping and steering light on the surface of a chip, without any moving parts.  From 3D sensing to high-speed communications to holographic displays, LCM beamforming is changing the way we engineer light throughout the world.

Best of all, it’s available today.

LCM Optical Beamforming

One Chip, Limitless Applications

Elevate the state of the art in safety and autonomy

From today’s Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) to a future defined by fully autonomous self driving cars, lidar powered by Lumotive’s solid-state beam steering provides robust durability, exceptional field-of-view, and adaptability for both short and long range performance requirements.

Set a new standard for industrial automation

From advanced object tracking on the factory floor, to the dynamic navigational demands of today’s new generation of service robots,  Lumotive’s LCM-enabled 3D sensing conquers diverse environments and complex tasks with unrivaled flexibility and reliability.

Transform spaces into intelligent environments

Dynamically controlling range and resolution, Lumotive’s software-defined scanning capability revolutionizes smart spaces by enabling real-time traffic monitoring, urban flow analysis, and smart environmental design.

Scale consumer products without compromise

LCM technology reshapes the consumer electronics landscape by bringing the performance of a scanning lidar sensor to the most compact applications. With low-cost, silicon-based mass production and unlimited scalability, it brings advanced 3D sensing to next-generation devices to fuel widespread consumer adoption.

Redefine optics beyond the realm of 3D sensing

The power of LCM optical beamforming can reach anywhere light needs to be spatially controlled. Whether for optical power delivery, free-space optical communications, fiber optic networking, or even holographic displays, Lumotive is shaping the future of the optics industry.


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