LM10 LCM Module

World's First Commercially Available Optical Beam Steering Semiconductor

A New Era For 3D Sensing

LM10 Key Features

• True solid-state, zero-inertia beam steering
• Software-definable, random access scan patterns
• Ultra-wide FOV, up to 180° with expanding optics
• Compatible with all laser types, including VCSEL and EEL
• 11×9 mm active aperture area fits many system designs

• Evaluation kit and full lidar reference designs available

Next Generation Hardware, Defined By Software

Digital Beam Steering

Small, Scalable, Precise, Reliable

An efficient, mass-producible method for beam steering has always been the missing link for solid-state lidar to become the pervasive standard in 3D sensing — until now.

Lumotive’s digital beam steering, made possible by our LCM technology, delivers the performance of a scanning lidar sensor without any of the cost, size, and reliability problems of mechanical systems. The result is a new generation of lidar which makes high quality 3D sensing accessible to all applications, big and small.

One LCM, endless possibilities

The LM10 LCM enables a wide range of lidar systems based on the same architecture, from ultra-wide field of view to long range. System performance is determined by laser power, field of view of transmit/receive optics, and the choice of depth sensor. LM10 is compatible with both indirect time-of-flight (iToF) and direct time-of-flight (dToF) sensors.

Enabling Lidar 2.0

Changing the Game For 3D Sensing

LM10 marks the beginning of a new era of optical 3D sensing, delivering the performance of a scanning lidar sensor with all the benefits of a purely solid-state solution.

• Scalable in cost, size, and performance
• Highly integrated, modular construction
• Adaptive, software-defined functionality

M30 Lidar Reference Design

Powered By LM10 Digital Beam Steering

The M30 is a production-ready lidar sensor reference design built around the LM10 beam steering chip. About half the size of a credit card, M30 is the ideal starting point for any lidar sensor implementation and can be customized to fit the needs of any application.

Your Comprehensive Reference Design Kit Contains:
• Precision PCB Design
• Advanced Optomechanical 3D Models
• Detailed Mechanical Drawings
• Robust Embedded Software
• Comprehensive BOM and Supplier List
• Streamlined Manufacturing and Test Process

Our Chip, Your Solution

LCM Evaluation Kits

Available through the Technology Access Program

Everything you need in one place

Lumotive offers a comprehensive platform with all the interfaces and features needed for you to make your own mark on the future of programmable optics. Unlock the potential of digital beam steering for your specific application, ensuring swift prototyping and accelerated concept execution.

LCM Evaluation Kit software includes:
• Intuitive GUI and sample scripts in Python
• Comprehensive C/C++ LCM Control Libraries
• HW drivers delivered as shared libraries

Available for all LCM products

Ideal industries for LM10

Lumotive products scale across multiple industries and offer a wide range of applications