Optical Semiconductors

Meet the tiny but mighty Light Control Metasurface (LCM™) digital beam steering chip

No moving parts, zero inertia
Software-defined scanning
Simple, like a camera
Powered by metamaterials
Scalable performance

Lidar 2.0 Architecture

Changing the game in 3D sensing

• Scalable in cost, size, and performance
• Highly integrated, modular construction
• Adaptive, software-defined functionality

Dynamic scanning for a dynamic world

Digital beam steering, powered by Lumotive LCMs, lights the way for the future of lidar and 3D sensing. Unconstrained by the motion and reliability of mechanical parts, a sensor can adjust its scanning behavior instananeously, in real time, to respond to the situation.

Our designs are protected by 100+ patents

All-semiconductor manufacturing

Leverages the massive economies of scale of CMOS fabrication for high reliability and low cost

No moving parts, zero inertia

Truly solid-state digital beam steering delivers all the advantages of scanning lidar with no moving parts

Simple, like a camera

Designed and assembled like smartphone camera modules, which are made by the billions annually

Powered by metamaterials

LCMs steer light using the unique beamforming properties of metamaterial surfaces

Scalable performance

Architecture scales from tiny, near-range to high-performance, long-range lidar systems

Software-defined scanning

Fully reconfigurable scan patterns enable dynamic foveation and optimally efficient operation

Industries we serve

Lumotive products scale across multiple industries and offer a wide range of applications